TY Suspension

TY suspension

Suspension on classic trials machines given the difficulty of modern day sections is something which needs to be as effective as possible. At the moment many are selling non-rebuildable units, some of which appear to originate from the Far East. These are fine for less serious riders on a strict budget, but its worth bearing in mind that as soon as they fail and need to be replaced any saving over a quality product has been lost.

Falcon Factory suspension kits have been specifically designed for TY175 and Mono and are inclusive of uprated improved fork springs as well as rear units. These kits drastically improve the suspension of both bikes.  If more than 1/2 of your Mono rear suspension travel is taken up, when you are standing on your bike in riding position upright on level ground, you are at a distinct disadvantage if you are competing seriously and a Falcon Factory unit will cure completely the soft, mushy feeling rear end which seems very common on the Mono.


Falcon Factory units for TY175