TY Brakes

TY brakes

Drum brakes on all models can be improved significantly by fitting new cables + linings, and carefully deglazing drums with P80 abrasive paper. In advance of fitting the new linings painting them with 2K paint hardener (needs 2 days to thoroughly dry before use) will improve braking performance notably.

For use on the ultimate spec Mono we would suggest fitting a modern front wheel, disc, caliper, master cylinder and if you don’t intend riding in events where the use of cheap used front forks is banned, modern 38 or 40mm forks can also be used to good effect.

The same thing goes for Mono rear where lighter, less costly and more effective modern disc rear wheels can be fitted rather than the heavy and costly to rebuild Z spoke original item. This conversion needs modifications to the stock swinging arm and a mount fabricated for master cylinder, but isn’t particularly difficult and is likely to cost less than rebuilding a Z spoke wheel as long as used parts are fitted. 


Mono modern wheel conversion