TY Motor

TY motor

In standard form all models of TY provide rather lack lustre performance, which over the years has led to many modifications being carried out to improve things. Unfortunately, many of these alterations have involved increasing capacity, which in some cases can compromise reliability and may mean cylinder cannot be re-bored as its already well over the recommended maximum oversize and the liner is already painfully thin!

A 2T motor like any other IC engine is simply an air pump, and if its possible to make the pump work more effectively and flow more air then its going to produce increased power/torque. However, to work effectively any alteration to a motor has to be looked at in combination with close attention to the intake/exhaust, carb, ignition, which in standard TY form will all compromise to some extent the positive effects of any other modifications carried out.

On all the TY models carefully carried out port alterations in conjunction with changes to the intake, exhaust, carb and ignition,  will result in more power/torque. If these changes are professionally carried out then all bikes will have a much wider spread of silky smooth power and will be easier and more fun to ride for all levels of competition. If the changes are NOT properly carried out then in some cases bikes will become un-rideable and may need replacement cylinders!  


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