TY Chassis

TY chassis

All the TY models benefit significantly from properly carried out alterations to the steering geometry, footrest and handlebar position’s. The 175 in particular with these changes is greatly improved and the increased front wheel traction provided makes the bikes much more effective in modern day conditions.

Mono steering and handling in standard form is rather stodgy and unresponsive. Mono’s fitted with suspension which is overly hard or too soft (more than 1/2 travel taken up with rider standing on bike), will never work that effectively. Fitting “Falcon Factory” suspension front and rear makes things much better and in conjunction with steering angle and footrest/handlebar position alterations, is the ultimate set up for serious competitors.

Handling on the twin-shock bikes fitted with stock front forks is compromised by the increased trail that is a result of the P65 style straight axle forks fitted. Fitting leading axle forks will reduce trail, which does improve things and will also provide more clearance so the steering angle can be steepened slightly more. Moving the handlebar mounting forward will improve steering on any TY still fitted with stock P65 style tiller top yoke.

Ultimate set up for 175/250 twin-shock is leading axle forks, steeper steering angle, footrest/handlebar position alterations,and Falcon Factory shocks (which provide same wheel travel as lay down shocks, without losing rear end feel). Both twin-shock bikes have swinging arms which are too short for modern conditions and this can be improved by fitting weld on extension pieces and in the case of the 175 relocating the swinging arm pivot point forward of the frame tube.


TY chassis on frame jig